Sit longer. Get closer. Stay hidden. At Duke + Boone™ we understand and respect the legacy of the hunt. We appreciate that all hunters cultivate their own meanings of what hunting signifies to them, everyone’s story is different. Some hunt for the tradition and some for the experience, others love the bragging rights, and many love the grilling of their prize that follows. Whether you're a first-time hunter or an ol’ pro a few things remain critical to ensure you have the ultimate hunting adventure: clothing and gear that is quality, trustworthy, and comfortable. Whether you plan on being out there for the day or the week, your gear can’t let you down. At Duke + Boone we understand this because we’re hunters too. We’ve developed gear that helps you perform at your best, sit longer, get closer, and stay hidden. We can assure you our gear is top quality, guaranteed to perform season after season without breaking the bank. In the spirit of pursuing the thrill, enjoy your hunt.

Get ready for it …Duke + Boone.

Functional, simple and practical hunting gear.
Designed by hunters for hunters, stay comfortable and unnoticed in the wild, helping you get closer to that perfect hunt.

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Introducing the Duke + Boone hunting gear collection

Shop our quality selection of men’s hunting essentials that will keep you undetected and focused on the hunt. Find us this Fall, at these exclusive retailers:


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